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EMS Training

It’s the low-impact, high-intensity workout designed for all levels of fitness. At HARMONY Wellness Spa EMS, you’ll sculpt and define your body, increase your endurance, improve your flexibility, mobility and core strength, through a 20 minute whole body workout under the guidance of our expert EMS trainers. 
WHAT IS EMS: Electro Muscle Stimulation 
is an active, full-body workout that uses a wired device to stimulate muscles while you exercise, making muscle tissue work harder and more effectively in just a 20min workout using EMS.

Individualised Programs
Maximum Results

When it comes to personal training, everybody is different. At HARMONY Wellness Spa EMS Spa we pair you with our skilled trainers who will custom tailor the workouts to meet your body’s unique needs whatever your age or fitness ability. With EMS you only need to train for 2 × 20 minutes sessions a week to see visible results. Our program includes an infrared Sauna session after each EMS session to boost detoxification results.

Get the full HARMONY Wellness Spa EMS experience every time you train. Everything you need is provided from your very first session so you just need to turn up. One of our certified trainers will explain EMS and its benefits, help you get hooked up and take you through a 20 minute full body workout spending the first 4-5 minutes getting used to the impulses. You’ll leave the session feeling energised, invigorated and with some (good) muscle fatigue also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) days after.

With state-of-the-art EMS equipment and professional qualified personal training staff, Harmony Wellness Spa EMS boasts luxury facilities in a private room making it a unique and beautiful space that gives our members a sense of comfort every time they arrive.

The EMS Advantage

Develop lasting rituals for long term results – Whatever your fitness goals, HARMONY Wellness Spa EMS provides the environment, tools, and private training to help you break through barriers and reach your goals.

Best EMS Technology Available

Using the leading FDA approved EMS technology by Diamond International MEDILIFT Science backed systems used worldwide by health care professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

Private EMS Training Sessions

No group training sessions. Every workout is customised by a dedicated personal trainer who will tailor your training session to helping you achieve your goals faster.

Certified EMS Trainers

Our trainers are MEDILIFT trained and Qualified Personal trainers, as well as our own internal training procedures ensuring you get the highest level of service and workout every session.


$140 p/w

2 X 20min EMS training sessions pw

Personal trainer

Customised Workouts

30min Infrared Sauna session

Shower & lounge use

Debited Weekly (monthly Contract)



1 X 20min EMS training session

1 x 30min Infrared Sauna

Personal trainer

Customised Workout

Shower & lounge use


Who is EMS training good for?

EMS is best suited if you;

– Are a busy professionals or generally time poor
– Want to become fitter, stronger and more toned
– Post natal
– Don’t like conventional gyms
– Need a personal trainer
– You have had joint replacement or amputation
– Training for an event or specialist sport
– Have back pain or a back injury
– Have a knee, hip or shoulder injury
– Are looking for low impact exercise
– Want faster results in a less time

Can I use EMS is I am over 60?

Yes, EMS training is extremely low impact and puts a lot less stress on joints. As long as you are feeling well and have no specified health issues you can use EMS. We will always ask you some initial questions before the training to tailor the workouts and make any necessary adjustments.

See how our EMS memberships can help achieve your goals, with personalised help from our dedicated team of trainers.

Do you have changing facilities?

Our studio is fully equipped with a changing room and shared toilets located in the building. You will be issued a key for a locker to keep your belongings however we do ask you take personal care of any items as we take no responsibility for items which are misplaced, lost or stolen.

Showers are available.

Can I purchase the undergarments?

Yes, undergarments are included (disposable G string only)  so you can have your own personal togs are preferred.

What do I wear to a training session?

Swimming togs are recommended for after your session, but during your session, shorts and a singlet is recommended . 


fat loss medilift.jpg


Harmony Wellness Spa offers  muscle stimulating Medilift Body Contouring as well as Cavitation that uses sound waves to break up fat and cellulite, while the Medilift uses a gentle electrical current to stimulate your muscles in such a way that can help with fat and cellulite reduction as well as increasing muscle tone.

While either procedure can be chosen to target those problem areas ‘that just won’t budge’, we recommend a combination of both EMS and Medilift Body Contouring to achieve the best results. A combination of the two have shown to produce better results than each one on it’s own.

Zap your fat away! It’s as easy as that.

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