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ALA & Acne


MAIN INGREDIENTS: 13% 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) SOLUTION FOR: Photodynamic Acne Treatment WHAT SKIN TYPE IS IT GOOD FOR: Acne

  • Mild

  • Moderate

  • Severe

HOW IS PERFORMED: ALA works to reduce acne by shrinking the sebaceous (Oil-producing) glands of the skin. This reduces acne by decreasing the amount of oil in each pore (The acne bacteria thrives on oil). This therapy also directly targets the P. acne bacteria that lives on the skin surface and causes acne breakouts. ALA mask is applied and allowed to incubate for up to 15 minutes on the skin. The incubation is very important because this incubation time allows the phoyosensitizing agent (ALA) to be absorbed into the skin and into the sebaceous glands. After incubation time, remove any excess with a wet tissue or towel. PDT can effectively treat mild to moderate acne in as little as 4-8 treatments. After PDT treatments, the overall texture of the skin is also improved. It helps post-inflammatory erythema and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (the red and brown marks that stick around after active acne lesions disappear).

What’s ALA Aminolevulinic acid is used in combination with photodynamic therapy (PDT; special blue light) to treat actinic keratoses (small crusty or scaly bumps or horns on or under the skin that result from exposure to sunlight and can develop into skin cancer) of the face or scalp as well as acne. book your treatment today.

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