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A Vichy shower, also known as an affusion shower, is a kind of shower used in wonderful spas all around the world, featuring a horizontal bar with five to seven shower heads, or holes. Large quantities of warm water are poured over a spa patron while he or she lies in a shallow wet bed, similar to a massage table, but with drainage for the water. So what is it exactly used for?

You’re unsure what to expect? Or are you considering a Vichy treatment but don’t know the proper Vichy etiquette? Services such as a Detoxifying Mud Wrap, Ocean & Lavender Sugar Glow and Rainfall Nights utilize the Vichy Shower and we will have plenty of beautiful packages and treatments to choose from incorporating the vichy shower. I (Suzanne) have had a dream of having a Vichy shower in my day spa for 20 years, and now the time has finally come..

During your Vichy shower experience we want you to be completely comfortable and relaxed. Speak up and let your therapist know if you have any concerns or issues during your treatment. The spa professional can adjust water temperature if you prefer just warm water (rather than alternating warm and cold) during your treatment. If you feel the water pressure is too much, please let your massage therapist know immediately. There should never be any discomfort or pain during your Vichy shower treatment, only a warm massaging sensation of that from flowing water.

Most Vichy shower experiences includes a full body massage, during which you will be fully draped to ensure modesty and comfort at all times. If there are any specific muscle groups you would like targeted or avoided, this can be discussed with your therapist prior to your treatment. Again, if you experience any type of discomfort, let your massage therapists know immediately.

After the completion of the treatment, your therapist will help you rise from the table, Once you are comfortably up, your therapist will leave for you to dry off and dress into your robe and slippers.

One of our coming Vichy Shower treatments...

Immerse yourself under a cascading flow of water jets that fall from above from head to toe. A coconut sugar body polish is used to smooth away dry skin and encouraging cell turnover and generating fresher, younger looking skin. Once again a waterfall-like cascade of warm water washes away any remaining granules. A rich body mask is applied and you are then cocooned whilst you’re treated to invigorating scalp moisture hydration treatment massage and 30min Bliss Spa Facial. Once unwrapped flowing massage techniques infuse what remains of the body mask. Your feet are hot towelled to complete your experience. Body product in this body treatment are suitable for all skin types 100% natural hand made ingredients.

If you would like to try one of our NEW Vichy shower experiences, make sure you sign up to our monthly newsletter to be in the know when it is available, and we will give you a $20 voucher to use off your first experience. :) Happy Holidays.. Merry Christmas..

Happy New year!.

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