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VIP - how to use your vip Harmony Wellness Spa membership

Are you a vip member at harmony wellness spa! Don’t miss out of free treatments and vip only special offers.

1. on the app click - Specials+’ on the menu

2. view the current VIP offer tagged

3. click any of the offers to buy.

(once you are at the checkout )

4. use your VIP code at the checkout and the VIP discount will be automatically applied. (if you didn’t get a vip code with your membership please contact me ASAP cia chat or email)

5. Click the book now button and make your appointment.

NOTE: you can book any of your free treatments as listed via the book now button. UNDER VIP TAB - Just choose the vip free treatment included in your membership- the booking system will recognise your membership to book - otherwise it will not be accepted.

DONT FORGET each membership comes with bonus offers, free treatments and offers..


YOU CAN VIEW ALL VIP OFFERS AND FREE TREATMENTS on the website. login on the website (or sign up with your email) you can also find the vip discount code there if you lose it.

1. go to VIPs

2. vip offers tab.

This page will only be visible to VIP members with a paid membership.

happy saving!

x Suzanna

Harmony Wellness Spa

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