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What’s in your beauty tools

Is your hair brush covered in hair? Or is your foundation brush so filled with product you could apply a full face of makeup with the residue...? (YUCK!)

Use a hair brush tool cleaner or a toothpick to separate the layer of hair built up in your brush. Use your hand to peel the layer of hair off from the brush or comb. Wash your brush once it is free from hair. Wash it with shampoo, then spray it with 70% alcohol and let it air dry.

Use a soap made for makeup brushes and rinse and repeat until the brush comes out clean. You may try to get some of the water out by wiping it on a clean towel. Then lay the brushes down on a towel to dry.

Wipe down cosmetic cases on the inside and outside with alcohol and a clean paper towel. You may spray powder based products with 70% alcohol. Just know that the palette must completely dry before you put it away and this could change the consistency of the product. For lipsticks and creams clean off the outer layer by scraping it off.

Straighteners and curling irons often get product build up on them. To clean them your tool should be completely off and unplugged. You should never do this when the tool is still hot or warm. Make sure to gently scrape off the product build up if you can and to spray the tool down with 70% alcohol. You can wipe it dry with a paper towel.

A clean beauty tools can prevent acne, skin infections, pink eye and styes. A clean tool is a safe tool, so be like Mr. Clean and scrub all that bad bacteria away. Why not have some fun while you are at it by putting on a playlist that makes you dance and sing.

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