What’s micro current lifting

Medilift treatments use the latest technology in electrical currents and five options of low-frequency ultrasound waves. We’ve been really impressed with the medical studies done on this treatment and have brought Medilift to our clinic.

In simplistic terms, the fat cavitation part of the treatment uses low-frequency ultrasound waves to deliver intense vibrations to fat cell membranes beneath the surface of the skin. These intense vibrations cause fat cell membranes to break down and be released into the interstitial fluid, where they are excreted through the normal channels of the body’s metabolism as waste. Assisted by our infrared sauna to send the fluid through the lymphatic system and sweat out the body.

Biomesosculpture is used to further help break down fat cells and enhance the flow of the lymphatic system using naturopathic principles. Biomesosculpture works by stimulating the extracellular fluid substance just under the skin using a cupping wa